Real Estate on Canada’s West Coast

We are hear of the extraordinary home prices and price increases in places like Toronto and Vancouver but there is seldom a discussion of real estate options. If you live in Vancouver and you are being squeezed out of the local real estate market you do have options. One of the best is to look further west to Vancouver Island. Yes, prices are on the upswing there as well, but the overall market (other than Victoria) is still pretty reasonable and affordable.

The Vancouver Island Real Estate Board is responsible for homes listed outside of Victoria. Their area of coverage includes Campbell River (the islands third largest city), Nanaimo (the second largest city) and other areas that include the Comox Valley which is a region located mid way up the island. This spectacular region showcases the surrounding ocean, mountains, forested areas and fertile farmland. Within its boundaries are located the City of Courtenay, Town of Comox and a number of villages. Each of these urban and rural areas offer property choices that range from living in a modern urban subdivision to remote wilderness seclusion. There are an incredible number of options from which you can choose as a location for your next home while enjoying the slower pace of life and tranquil lifestyle afforded to you in the Comox Valley.

Not only do you have a great variety of choice, you also have many affordable options when they are compared to mainland options. For example, the average price of a single family home in Comox broke the $550,000 price barrier by the end of June 2017. However, this same home in Vancouver and many of its suburbs could easily fetch $1 million and perhaps much more. Why continue to put up with all of the stresses and frustrations of living in a large city when most of your take home pay goes to paying the rent or a mortgage when more affordable options are close by? Yes, you will have to find a way to make a living if you relocate. Why not seriously check out what is available to you in this fantastic part of Canada?

Schools are also a consideration for most families. Those in Courtenay East and Comox are among the highest rated in the area. Private and public options are available. Medical and dental needs can be met by the soon to be opened modern hospital being built in Courtenay East near the aquatic centre and North Island College. Shopping malls continue to spring up in newer areas and most of the big box stores can be found in the area. There is not much that in not accessible within a 15 minute drive.

There is a modern airport that services the area with connections to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. It is located on the Comox Peninsula. Access to the area is also available via the four-lane highway from Nanaimo, and a scenic two-lane coastal highway. They connect to ferries that connect the mainland and the island on several regularly scheduled routes.

Of course, getting here and checking out what is available to meet your needs are all important elements. But, finding a home that meets your needs is perhaps the most important consideration. To start looking and find out what options are available there are many good website resources that showcase area homes. Start there to see if this area is for you.





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